Contentment in Disarray.

The crimson globe sails Timely and unceasingly Beneath the unseen edge of Unfathomable distance, And at the peak Across the way Brings rays Of too-bright clarity; Of scheduled action From feathered dreams Of rested minds – But sinks again To dormant bliss Where brain and soul Make peace. Let’s not forget. Sail Continue reading Contentment in Disarray.

Wheel of lust. 

In the essence of the moment The totality of experience;   The bliss and harmony of cumulative desire is compounded  In a feverish moment of animal desire expounded in a cacophony of sweet nothings.  Rage and love and sweet release. Fleeting and all the more beautiful Specifically and essentially due to its transience.   ​<a … Continue reading Wheel of lust. 

The Apprentice.

He dished out his orders and trundled back through the kitchen door, ‘No need to wait this time.’ He shouted back to the apprentice as he went. ‘This time. I can feel it. I can really feel it.’ Our young inquisitive protagonist snook into the kitchen but had lost all sight. He could only hear … Continue reading The Apprentice.

The Purple

15:30, 27/03/2017 I watched the tap drip, drip, drip, onto the plate. As it landed in the centre of the homogenous orange-brown mess of last nights curry it cleared a steadily expanding circle of ceramic. Small globules splashed outwards from the centre pock marking craters into the surface of the sauce. It was like a … Continue reading The Purple


WE strive for greatness; for achievement; for money; for fame; for riches. We attempt to make a mark on the world to show everyone what WE are but it doesn’t translate. How we are truly projected during our life-time is through a misconception of our self, transformed by whispers – transposed through perception. How, then … Continue reading We.


The tracks reached out into the distance, disappearing at some unknowable point into an impeccably small spot. It wasn’t like it was a shitty place to be but the allure of that unknowable destination, of the possibilities was so tempting. I refocused on the day ahead. Shift patterns danced through my mind – KPI’s, store … Continue reading Flee.