So what’s it gonna be then eh?

The words seemed familiar, like some forgotten passage read in another time. The road was shrouded in darkness and every step felt like it had already been trodden – like it was the right way to go – like I was in a loop repeating a preset pattern while all the time knowing the route, yet only ever being aware of the present. I followed my own footsteps like a chicken following a line – hypnotised and blinded by my own foresight. Familiar shapes swept past like ghosts of the future past and I felt that I had made the right choice?

Words burned into my mind like a hot brand on paper and just as soon as the word was clear the paper curled into ashes. The past shapes the future when forgotten but then being remembered it is discarded and a new clarity takes the reins, a forced willingness to forget and relearn something based on elements principles, on the building blocks of the psyche.

So I took that road, the other one, that one that I wasn’t meant to not take and in doing so learnt that I should never not take the road not taken.