The tracks reached out into the distance, disappearing at some unknowable point into an impeccably small spot. It wasn’t like it was a shitty place to be but the allure of that unknowable destination, of the possibilities was so tempting. I refocused on the day ahead. Shift patterns danced through my mind – KPI’s, store standards, all the bullshit that you blag at first but which all too soon becomes a daily familiarity, an endless repetition, routine. But this isn’t the focus of this short story. This is the beginning of an awakening. This is the realisation of the beautiful, the infinite and at times frightening. I unlocked the door and marched up to the alarm box, fobbing it off. I locked the door behind me, which fell into place with a loud ‘clack’. Lights pinged and fizzed and the flick of a switch until they eventually came on, the odd one faltering and springing into life sometimes minutes after the rest. The room was decorated in nothing much but a worn, faded-blue carpet. Unrealistically white-toothed poster-people craned over the shelving, blankly staring through you. I shuddered at the cold stare and sauntered into the back. Into the darkness.

The Night Previous.

Fucking smash it!

Get into it bro, hahaha.

A spiralling swirling cascade of colours span about the room like a flaming cartwheel. Loud LOUD music blared through my skull like it was inside me, I was mutilated by the rhythm, ensnared by the cacophony. powders of all colours and consistencies fluttered through the air like dust, melting my brain, pulsing through my veins. Then there was her. All the semblance of a goddess, twisting and swirling around the room like a nymph, delicate pale gossamer skin like it would break at the touch, deep blue eyes, almost dangerous. Soft flowing hair entangled me like silken cloth underwater grasping at me like wanton tendrils. I embraced her touch, the rush of blood through my body, skipping beats.

I fell back into the deep deep folds of the sofa and watched the ceiling as deep purple-black turned to golden-yellow light gushing through the windows. Ethereal ghost-white-gold spiders crept slowly in line up the walls and along the ceiling, disappearing into cracks which opened briefly, randomly in the walls and sealed behind them until they were all gone, until the room was empty and the only company was my own laboured breath and the thud of my heart. This is where the story really begins and this is how it will probably end.