WE strive for greatness; for achievement; for money; for fame; for riches. We attempt to make a mark on the world to show everyone what WE are but it doesn’t translate. How we are truly projected during our life-time is through a misconception of our self, transformed by whispers – transposed through perception. How, then do we expect to be remembered for who WE are. We don’t even know what we are/is. Are/Is ‘we’ the sum total of our achievements? Are/is ‘we’ the collective of our experiences or the imprint of some form of mistranslated, partly understood projection in the eyes of others – our oblique figure just barely visible through the grape vine. Can WE ever truly be known to anyone but ourselves if this is even possible in itself?

Or do we simply attempt to justify? to make sense of things and to unravel meaning? Truth then? Beyond a doubt this is the most complicated and subversive of all our attempts at understanding. The deeper we go the more subversive this all becomes, the closer we look, the more details we see, the closer we need to see, the more complicated it is to answer. to demystify is our purpose then? but to what end? To seek the ultimate truth and in reaching it to become omnipotent? To grasp the universe in our hands and marvel at our power?

No? So instead then we cast away doubt by casting away truth. We strive to experience, to enjoy and in doing so melt into the chasm of time – we become creatures of the present only. We agree that there is no meaning but our own experience in our limited window of opportunity – we pass fleetingly through a world filled with experiences and leave as little mark as we can so that the ‘other’ can exist ‘then’.

So we live for the future then? not for ourselves at all but for the collective? But again I say to what end? If we make no mark, achieve nothing then what legacy are we really leaving to this collective? We come full circle then. WE strive for greatness for achievement; for money; for fame; for riches so that the future of the human race can either expand into oblivion or transcend meaning.

The icons of the past, then, are subsumed into our own interpretation of them and so the ‘I’ becomes the ‘we’ so that it can begin a new cycle of collective individuality in an endless mobius of generations.

No no no.

Which path will I take? That is the question…