He came too and realised he was talking to a total stranger about the finer points of using a sponge rather than a brush to wash up dishes. the comedown was already coming on – like time was slowing around him. He popped another and gave the woman one. She slipped a tenner in his back pocket, gave him a little squeeze,


and then went back to her friends. He took a few deep breaths and closed his eyes, waiting for it to kick in. he rolled his neck and loosened his shoulders and just as he started to feel a tingling in his fingers he opened his eyes. Up on the balcony, just past the light mounting, Beyond the haze of blue and green and yellow there was a figure. It was so still that for a moment he thought it was just the outline of something else. As if noticing that it had been seen the figure turned and began to walk along the balcony towards the exit. It wore a long duster-style jacket and had its hand in its pockets. Without looking back again the figure left through the fire exit, casually setting off the fire alarm. The music stopped, the DJ left, the lights came on (always the worst part but usually reserved for the end of the night when only the truly committed were about). Then the tannoy:

‘please remain calm and walk to the nearest exit. Do not attempt to collect any personal belongings. Once outside the meeting point will be at the bus stop across the road. Thank you in advance for your compliance’.

For an illegal rave he was genuinely surprised by their preparation. Of course the hosts would no doubt leave by the back exit not to be seen again until the next location was revealed but they had actually considered people’s well being. He left last after stashing the bag behind the makeshift bar. You could never be too careful. He peered onto the street through the crack in the door. Blue lights and drunken shouts.

Back exit

Just before he closed the door he saw the figure again – less immobile this time – his booted foot on a ravers head with a magnum pointed at another.

No time for the pills

How the fuck did he get in though? These things were locked down pretty tight.

Need to do some research on this guy. Got to know how the fuck he did it.

He kicked open the back door and ran through the alley as fast as the failing light allowed him. He burst through the smoke and the dark and the stench eyeball first into a hot magnum bullet.