I write because I have to. Something compels me to create. It rises in me like a mounting orgasm and then expels itself on the page. I want to share my experiences and passions with other people and in turn experience theirs. Every time we do this we bring the world a little closer.

I was born in Leicester (England) and lived in Spain for two years, moved back to the U.K. Lived in Tipton for a while then moved to a little place by the sea called Aberystwyth. Yes to study and yes I’m still here but not for much longer. I’m an accidental store manager but then somebody has to pay for my PhD. Oh and I do sports and stuff. I’m a self proclaimed psychonaut and dabble variously because sometimes to gain perspective you need to open your eyes by closing them… sometimes.

This is a creative writing blog. If you have questions about my work please feel free to contact me and if you have questions about writing please don’t hesitate to ask. Well read my writing but generally tell everyone I’m awesome and share my stuff 😀